• Jonathan Shiek

Malaysians Band Together To Chase Down A Suspect That Attempted To Steal A Woman’s Car

In a viral video circulating on Facebook, a group of individuals are seen chasing down a suspect that attempted to steal a woman’s car at a traffic light, in broad daylight at 1.58pm! The incident happened at Sri Petaling, heading towards Kuchai Lama. These kind of news always warms my heart, #MalaysiaBoleh.

The victim was seen standing outside her Honda City car, just after she was forced to stop and pulled out of the car. Even though she was clueless on what to do, probably from shock, she managed to indicate to other drivers that she needs help. Kudos to the victim, smart thinking.

Meanwhile, the suspect was trying to drive away in the stolen car, but little did he know, 4 other cars were on his tail, attempting to corner him. Unfortunately, they fail to do so in the first try but they try again to catch him by continuing their pursuit.

Videos on Facebook showed the successful cornering of the suspect. One of the pursuers in front, one behind, and two were at the sides. The driver from the car behind got down his car and dragged the suspect out of the stolen vehicle. Thankfully, the suspect didn’t try to escape, and was knocked down to the ground by one of the good Samaritans.

All’s well that ends well. I’m so happy to see Malaysians helping each other out in these kind of situations, faith in humanity restored!

That said, we should be vigilant whether or not it is during the night or day. What did you think about this whole shebang?


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