Malaysian YouTubers Called Out For “Donating” RM10k To The Public

With the current state of things, most of us Malaysians are having a tough time making ends meet. So it goes without saying that we would appreciate any and all donations right?

But what if it meant that in order for us to collect the donations, we would have to scramble all over the streets in a frenzy to pick up whatever we can. Seems rather unbecoming of us to do so isn’t? So can you imagine what Malaysian YouTuber Farid Isap was thinking when he decided to head into one of the busiest streets in the world – Bukit Bintang, and “donate” a sum of RM10k by simply throwing it everywhere.

In a video titled ‘Throwing RM10 thousand at the public‘, the now hated YouTuber was seen throwing RM10,000 in RM1 bills all over Bukit Bintang thus prompting passers-by to stop and pick up the money. Not only is this a morally inappropriate act, it is also very dangerous.

At one point in the video, while they were throwing money in front of Pavilion KL, a security approached them in an attempt to get them to stop as they weren’t allowed to do so on private property. Unfortunately his efforts were to no avail.

During the video, the YouTuber can be heard telling people “go ahead and pick it up! Take it!” as if he was above everyone else in the area.

Credits World Of Buzz

Credits: World Of Buzz

Credits: World Of Buzz

Naturally, the video didn’t sit well with Malaysians with some of them commenting  “Just because people are struggling, you’re shouting at them to pick up the money. These are Malaysians. Your parents didn’t educate you? I hope the police catch them, then they’ll have some brains. Want to give, you don’t have to bring down people’s dignity.”

Credits: World Of Buzz

Other comments read “What kind of content is this? Compared to throwing the money, you should donate it. It’s the fasting season, many out there don’t have money to buy things. You’re wasting the money just like that, and inconveniencing the people there.”

I personally think it is appalling that someone would go to such lengths just for some views on YouTube.



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