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Malaysian Twitch Streamers Band Together To Raise Funds For Local Charity Association

We've seen many good Samaritans in our local community strive to aid those who were struck the hardest by the pandemic. Local Twitch streamers recently band together to start Project AIMS, which initiates a 2-week donation drive from 18 September till 2 October, by using their platforms on the streaming site to raise funds for a non-profit organisation called Great Heart Charity Association (GHCA) that assists the B40, Orang Asli, old folk, orphans, and people with disabilities.

While the streaming community is growing larger within the country due to most people staying home, what better way to use their platforms than to entertain their audience while educating people about the charity drive. About 35 Twitch streamers participated in the drive to raise a goal of RM40,000 (US$9,580), they even organised events like "Just Dance" and "Valorant" tournaments on top of their usual streaming content.

Apparently, the total amount needed to reach the goal during the first day of the charity drive was RM20,000 (US$5,000), the Malaysian streamers managed to hit the goal within a day! If you are interested to donate to the GHCA charity, you can do so on this link, but do keep in mind that donations will be in USD and all proceeds will be donated to GHCA.

On top of that, for those who are interested to support these dedicated Malaysian Twitch streamers, here are the handles and links to their respective Twitch channels:

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