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Malaysian SME Developed An All-Natural Chocolate Flavoured Toothpaste Called Mismis

A local SME, NFA Technologies developed a toothpaste made from cacao-extract called Mismis, proving that cacao also has useful ingredient for oral care. NFA Technologies mainly produces natural-based oral care products to help raise consumer awareness on the benefits of herbal ingredients.

Mismis has a range of oral care products from kids toothpaste to breath fresheners, and travel kits. The cacao toothpaste will make things easier for parents to encourage their children to brush their teeth more frequently. While many think that chocolate damages teeth, that is actually not the case, high sugar content is the cause of it.

According to NFA Technologies, the oral care line will be distributed to supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide. While the company's operation director Faizul Jasemi told Bernama that it is hard to compete with established oral care products, they have been participating in a lot of carnivals and campaigns to spread awareness on their products.

What do you think about this unique toothpaste? Would you try it out?


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