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Malaysian Singer Ai Wahida Pukes Up Nails and Needles

As most of us are living in a metropolitan environment, supernatural occurrences are almost unheard of… that is, if you do actually believe in the supernatural. That said, most people nowadays tend to take most supernatural believes with a grain of salt. But one certainly can’t deny, that there are unexplainable things that occur around us.

Well unfortunately for Malaysian Singer Ai Wahida, such ‘things’ had befallen upon her as she recently reveled that she hurled up nails and needles which she stated was because of a curse of some sorts.

Credits: Hype

Ai went on to recount her experience with being ‘cursed’ stating that she didn’t know she was cursed until she watched a documentary about black magic which made her realise that she had the same symptoms that were described in the documentary.

She said, “I felt like my body was in constant pain and throbbing badly. I was always lying down as I was unable to get up. Even praying was difficult and I was unable to sleep.”

Upon her alarming discovery, Ai was moved to look for other forms of treatment, primarily – Traditional Islamic Medicine. So in December 2020, she headed to Kuantan to seek help from a Islamic spiritual doctor and it was only during her visit to said doctor that she confirmed that she had indeed been cursed. Ai was also astounded with what came out of her following her treatment.

Credits: Hype

“During the treatment, I couldn’t believe that I vomited nails, needles, shreds of cloth, and other dirty things out of my body,” she said. “There were 12 short needles, 7 nails and 22 long needles. Honestly, it was shocking.” She said.

When Ai was questioned about whether she knew why someone would curse her, the singer helplessly said that she didn’t know but the question has been lingering on her mind everyday since her ordeal. She then had this to say “If you say it’s because I’m a popular singer, I would have to disagree since I still feel like I haven’t achieved it yet. If you say it’s because I’m rich and live in luxury, I don’t have that much money. So, I really don’t know what they are upset about.”

Credits: Hype

When it is all said and done, the singer intends to stay positive and that she views her situation as a test from god.


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