• Jonathan Shiek

Malaysian Researchers Use Pineapple Leaves For Drone Parts

If you think you are innovative, listen up, these Malaysian researchers figured out ways to use discarded fibers from a pineapple leaf to make drone parts! Instead of binning the pineapple leaves, they use these fibers to make strong and durable frames for drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles. Not only that, it’s also an effort to find sustainable uses for pineapple waste generated by Malaysian farmers in the Hulu Langat district.

Credit: Reuters

‘Pineapple drones’ are cheaper to build and weigh less than a conventional drone, so even if they are damaged beyond repair it is way easier to dispose them by burying it in the ground and degrade within 2 weeks. For now, the team’s prototype size is of a smaller drone but they are working towards developing technology that will allow them to produce bigger drones for agricultural purposes and aerial inspections.

Source: Mashable SEA

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