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Malaysian Police Requires Further Development of Interpersonal Skills

The police has been under a lot of scrutiny as of recent due to various mishaps that has occurred since the initial Movement Control Order (MCO) was issued. Reasons for the scrutiny can be attributed to the way some of our officers in blue has been treating us. From unwarranted scolding, to rude remarks and recently… sexual harassment which you can view in the video below. All of which has left a rift between the public and the police.

Credits: The Star

To patch the rift, Criminologist and Transparency International Malaysia past president Datuk Seri Akhbar Satar said “mastering people skills was a crucial element in building public trust and achieving world-class policing standards”. He also said that failure to do so will eventually lead to civil unrest resulting in riots similar to the situation that happened in the United States.

Akhbar further expressed that he does not doubt the competency of the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) as they have indeed reduced the crime index and cripple gangsterism. He further added that there are many good and ethical police officers who may often be prejudiced due to actions of other police officers.

Recounting an encounter I had with a police officer during a roadblock on my way back from work recently, he was extremely rude to me and was practically shouting  asking me “Mana Pergi?”( where are you going?) before I even had a chance to greet the officer. When I presented him with my documentations, he snatched them out of my hand as he questioned the validity of it knowing full well that it is officially stamped. Eventually, the officer let me pass but not without a distasteful remark about my car. Naturally I did not really care as I figured that it was a rare instance but it would appear that I wasn’t the only one who had such an experience when dealing with the police.

Credits: Hafiz Johari

In order to help boost  PDRM’s public image and train their officers out of adopting the old fierce persona that local police officers are known for, Akhbar suggests incorporating PR skills during training and deploying PR strategies when dealing with the community.


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