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Malaysian Official Tried To Bribe Taufik Hidayat Into Letting Lee Chong Wei Win In 2006 Asian Games

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Indonesian badminton player Taufik Hidayat recently revealed a shocking story about how he was approached by a Malaysian badminton official who offered him 400 million Rupiah (RM117,000), which was double the incentive offered by the Indonesian government, if he would lose the semi-finals match to Datuk Lee Chong Wei in the 2006 Doha Asian Games.

The offer was obviously rejected by Taufik, who asked the official in return “How about he lose the match and I pay?” Those who remembered the Asian Games would know that Taufik went on to defeat Chong Wei, and China’s Lin Dan in the finals to secure the gold medal.

Although match-fixing is known to happen in major sport events, the revelation of this story still shocked many people, including Chong Wei himself who was completely unaware of the proposed deal. “I got in touch with Taufik almost immediately after learning about the revelation last weekend. I was shocked too because he has never mentioned about it all this while even though we’re good friends,” said Chong Wei.

The Malaysian badminton legend added that although he knows who the badminton official is, he refuses to name or shame anyone as it has been many years since the event, and he believes everyone should move on.

That said, Chong Wei also admitted that he too, has been approached by bookies to fix matches in the past. “However, my country always comes first. That is why I stayed away from it,” he said.


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