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Malaysian Netizens Go Crazy For Shopee Store That Sells Motivational Words For 20 Cents

Not sure about you, but online retail therapy is quickly becoming my coping mechanism to get through the lockdown woes. But you don’t always need to splurge on something expensive to feel better because sometimes all you need is a simple reminder that you’ve got this. Thankfully, Shopee sells just that!

Malaysian netizen Effiza Abdul Rahim recently took to Facebook to share about her latest Shopee purchase – words of encouragement. Now whoever said you can’t buy motivation online definitely hasn’t stumbled upon this Shopee seller.

“Everything can be bought, guys! Don’t feel down because you’re not getting any motivational messages. Lots of things can be bought, right? So why wait for others to give us their words of encouragement?” Effiza wrote about this unique Shopee store.

As each product was priced at only RM0.20, Effiza revealed that she was initially concerned that the seller might scam her. But much to her relief and surprise, not only was the seller legit, they were even willing to offer her the products for free!

Credits: Effiza Abdul Rahim (Facebook)

Since then, Effiza’s post has garnered the attention of other netizens, many of whom are equally interested in this affordable yet uplifting product. While some users commended Effiza for bringing more business opportunities for the seller, other users also expressed disappointment upon realising the product has been completely sold out.

But at the time of writing this article, the product seems to be back on Shopee, so if you guys are in need of a pick-me-up right now, make sure to hurry up and grab yours for just 20 cents!


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