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Malaysian Man Totals Mercedes Benz During Test Drive

Have you ever been scolded and disciplined (with a hangar, rotan, slipper, etc) for borrowing and damaging your mother’s tupperware? And after the disciplining is done, you get a lengthy lecture regarding why it is imperative to look after belongings that does NOT belong to you?

Well it seems this Malaysian Man didn’t. In a video circulated by MY_CrimeWatch on Twitter, which has since gained 37.9k views, it can be seen that the man was speeding during the test drive session before he lost control of the car and went off the road, straight into a sewage pipe. Thankfully no one was injured too badly and the sewage pipe did not burst.

Kereta "test drive" memang sedap "dilenjan". Apa pun semoga semuanya selamat & tidak mengalami kecederaan serius. — MyWatch (@My_CrimeWatch) February 13, 2021

Credits: MY_CrimeWatch

We Malaysians certainly do not really have the best reputation when it comes to driving. In 2018 alone, we recorded some of the highest numbers of reported road accidents in Malaysia with 548,598 cases nationwide with heavy emphasis on ‘REPORTED’. When factored in cases that go unreported it is likely that the numbers would be significantly higher. But due to our culture of: “eh settle here je la” with other motorists when involved in an accident, many cases go unreported.

Although it was great that no one was harmed, but the lack of responsibility by this individual can’t be understated. As motorists on the road, we carry our own lives and the lives of others in our hands. As such, we should act and behave accordingly.


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