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Malaysian Health Minister Misidentified Spanish Flu As Spanish Fly, Netizens Are Not Impressed

As Malaysia’s daily Covid-19 cases increase to an all-time high at 11k, people are starting to feel even more unsafe and worried. With the death toll just in Malaysia alone reaching 6.3k while worldwide death toll hits 4 million, it seems to be creeping towards a familiar pandemic back in 1918 to 1920 called the Spanish Flu. The Spanish Flu resulted in 20 to 50 million deaths across the globe, marking it as one of the deadliest pandemic in recorded history.

1. #SpanishFly became a trending topic on Twitter, after Health Minister Dr Adham Baba misidentified the Spanish Flu during a speech. He also drew flak for presenting incorrect facts on the global Covid-19 death toll, as well as on the timeline and death toll of the Spanish Flu. — BFM News (@NewsBFM) July 12, 2021

During a press conference, Malaysia’s Health Minister, Datuk Dr Adham Baba tried to compare both Covid-19 and the Spanish Flu but ended up making netizens confused as ever when he misidentified the Spanish Flue as the “Spanish Fly”. He also claimed that “The Spanish Fly in 1919 or 1916 had more or less than 1 million deaths, not more than that, in the span of 2 years.”

Netizens caught on to the wrong information, calling him out that the Spanish Flu actually happened from 1918 to 1920 with a death toll of about 20-50 million. The Health Minister also clarified “Spanish Fly” as the “Spanish Virus” after using the wrong term a couple of times.

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So if you’re wondering, yes the Spanish “Fly” is a real thing! It is an aphrodisiac used to heighten arousal and excitement during sexual intercourse which is made of crushed Spanish Flies. Let’s learn from this misinformation from Dr Adham Baba to read up on evidence-based articles before informing others on it, especially when it relates to the pandemic and health matters.


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