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Malaysian Graffiti Artist Kenji Chai Is Now Designing Watches

Meet Chaigo the dog, a popular and beloved graffiti character that can be found on the walls along the streets of KL, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and a few other cities. And pretty soon, Chaigo will be featured on watches as well, thanks to a collaboration between 39-year-old graffiti artist, Kenji Chai and Singaporean watch company, BOLDR.

In case you didn’t know, the character was created by Kenji in 2013 after he spotted a carcass of a stray dog. As morbid as that story may sound, the stray is said to represent Kenji’s resilient spirit, which led to him creating Chaigo as an alter ego, using a wordplay of his own surname, combined with the Mandarin word for dog, ‘go’ which happened to be his zodiac sign.

The latest graffiti timepiece collaboration is part of BOLDR’s new line up of full-titanium Venture watches. The limited edition watches designed by Kenji will come along with a signature Chaigo action figure collector’s item.

Credits: Worn & Wound

Best part is, the action figure design features Chaigo in a graffiti artist’s gear and each figure is actually hand-painted to give it a unique finish.

This marks Kenji’s first collaboration with a watch company and according to BOLDR’s founder Leon Leong, the timepiece and action figure pairing is also a first for the company that has never released a toy with a watch.

BOLDR’s Venture Chaigo watch is available on BOLDR’s website at US$499 (RM2,023). It is a limited release though, so fans of Chaigo better hurry up!


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