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Malaysian Girl Group Dolla Gets Featured On A Billboard In NYC's Times Square

Have you heard of a local girl group called Dolla? Well, you should, because they just made it onto a billboard in Times Square, New York City! According to Universal Music Malaysia, the four-member girl group recently made an appearance on Spotify's New York Times Square Billboard in the US.

Dolla, debuted in 2019, consists of 4 talented Malaysian women, Sabronzo, Tabby, Syasya, and Angel. The Malaysian girl group was given the honour of appearing on the billboard as they were chosen to represent Malaysian singers in the streaming platform's EQUAL campaign.

"EQUAL is a global programme by Spotify which aims to foster equity for women in audio and nurturing equity by highlighting female artists around the world. There are currently 35 local EQUAL playlists covering artists from over 50 countries — with Dolla being on the cover as a representative from EQUAL Malaysia and Singapore's playlists."

"Words just cannot express how we feel right now. This is such a huge honour for a newly formed vocal group like us and we hope we can continue to live up to the expectations of our fans," Sabronzo said on behalf of Dolla.

Previously, 2 other Malaysian soloist, Yuna and Layla Sania, were featured on the billboard in Times Square.


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