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Malaysian Girl Gets Beaten Up For Allegedly ‘Stealing’ a Boyfriend

Ladies, you are better than this. Honestly what is the point of fighting over a boy who is clearly too ‘gatal’ to stay loyal. Well the term ‘fighting’ is used rather loosely with this incident as it was more of an act of bullying.

In a short video that has recently gone viral, two high school girls can be seen beating up a helpless female victim who also appears to be in her teen years. The two delinquents in the video was seen pushing and kicking the victim continuously.

Kes berebut boyfriend. Kata “jangan rakam, jangan post” tapi tersebar jugak video buli. — Bella Hadidn’t (@nabilfikran10) April 2, 2021

Following the virality of the clip, police has since tracked down and apprehended those involved in the incident for further investigations. As it turns out, a total of 6 girls and 4 boys aged between 14-17 years old were detained due to association with the bullying incident.

Tanah Merah district police chief Supt. Zainuddin Md. Yusuf stated “8 of the teenagers are still students, while the other 2 have dropped out of school. The brawl between the girls is believed to have broken out due to a fight over a boyfriend. Apart from that, one of the male suspects was also found positive for methamphetamine.”

After the police recorded the suspects statements, they were all released on police bail as the case will be referred to the Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) for further action.

Unfortunately for those involved in the incidents, Malaysian netizens appeared to be having a field day with the whole bullying fiasco. For instance…

Credits: HYPE

In the post, this creative netizen remarked “Are these girls the main cast for the film ‘KL Gangster 3’? I found the trailer (the viral video) only, could you guys recommend me the full version if there is one available?”


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