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Malaysian Couple Spent Their Honeymoon By Volunteering To Bury Covid-19 Victims

While most newlyweds go on trips during their honeymoon phase, this Malaysian couple decided to spend their first week as newlyweds by volunteering to bury Covid-19 victims.

Muhammad Ridzuan Osman who is the head of operation for Team Cangkul which is a team that handles and buries Covid-19 casualties for free and his wife Nur Afifah Habib tied the knot on 13 December. After receiving a call that asked for help to bury a dead patient, Ridzuan immediately told his wife about the situation.

“My wife agreed and we immediately rushed to Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim to retrieve the corpse for burial,” he said, and revealed that other volunteers were present to help in the process. Apparently, the couple met when Afifah joined the volunteer team despite working in a Korean restaurant.

“We started to get to know each other more and that’s when our love started to bloom. The next thing I knew, he proposed to me,” Afifah said. What a great way to give back to the community, we are truly grateful for volunteers risking their lives and time to help those in need!


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