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Malaysian Couple Cancels Wedding Reception And Donated The Food To Flood Victims

A newlywed couple, Muhammad Nabil Mohd Azimi and Nur Asyiqin Md Hamdan called off their wedding reception for 300 guests and donated the food to flood victims in Meru, Klang. The TikTok video posted by their wedding caterer went viral, showing the couple donate the meals to a flood relief centre.

“The wedding reception was cancelled so the couple held it at the Meru flood relief center in Klang. The couple is distributing food here, together with our catering team,” read the statement in the video. The TikTok video has then garnered 62k likes and 504.8k views as of writing.

Netizens in the comment section praised the newlywed pair for their willingness to cancel their event to help those in need, and even extended their best wishes to the couple. While many have been affected by the recent flood, it certainly is nice to see good Samaritans among our people extending their help to the flood victims.

Just remember, a little bit of help goes a long way!


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