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Malaysian Cosmetic Entrepreneur Nur Sajat Legally Changed Her Gender To Female In Australia

Credit: Hype MY

Malaysian cosmetic entrepreneur Nur Sajat shared an exciting news in an Instagram Live broadcast on 22 February, saying that she has legally changed her gender to female in Australia. Nur Sajat also added that she felt "reborn" and said that it was an easy process in the 'Land Down Under'.

"I am very happy that everything is over. I have changed my gender. I feel comfortable being a woman. I appreciate that this country understands my situation. I can finally be myself. I am proud to be a woman. I felt like I was reborn, which is something I wanted. I hope people will accept me for who I am," she said.

When asked by her followers on social media whether she is thinking of changing her name, she replied by saying that she will continue using 'Nur Sajat'. On 23 February, the entrepreneur posted that she turns 37 this year on her Instagram, adding that she will not be celebrating her birthday as she misses her children.

Back in October 2021, Sajat announced that she had to move to Sydney, Australia and plans to never come back to Malaysia as she was granted political asylum in the country.


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