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Malaysian Cartoonist, Aie Passes Away At Age 48 Due To Liver Complications

Yesterday (28/6), one of the most popular Malaysian cartoonist, Aie who is known for his work “Aku Hidup Dalam Blues” has passed away at the age of 48 in his home at Sungai Manggis, Banting. The depressing news was shared by his friend, cartoonist Ujang in a Facebook post, who said that Saari Sulong (Aie) passed away due to liver complications around 4am.

Credit: Melex

Besides Aku Hidup Dalam Blues that was released in 1991, the Malaysian cartoonist was also known for the character in “Blue Untuk Aku” and “Aku Dan Sesuatu”. Not only that, he even produced 2 graphic novels, “Permulaan Sebuah Akhiran” and “Dia Yang Dulu”.

According to Juice Online, Aie scheduled to publish 3 more works before his death, which were “Cerita Dari Dalam”, “Saat Jiwa Berbicara”, and “Dia Kembali”. Aie wasn’t only a cartoonist for 25 years of his career, he also worked as an illustrator, comic painter, graphic designer, head of studio, and art director for several publishing companies in Malaysia.

We send our condolences to Aie’s family and friends, may his work continue to inspire and be enjoyed locally and internationally.


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