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Malaysian Artist Sells Almost 200 Pieces Of Scuffed Art On Shopee For As Low As RM0.50

Remember a Malaysian on Shopee selling motivational quotes and that went viral? Well, this Malaysian artist decided to follow that person’s footsteps and sell portraits of people that were deliberately drawn badly, and he surprisingly sold almost 200 units in less than a week!

The seller, Adib Afdzal said that, “A day before I started selling on Shopee, I came across this seller who was selling motivational quotes. I was editing a poster at that time for my company using photoshop and I thought to myself, why not just sell my art on Shopee.” But it wasn’t smooth sailing for the Malaysian artist in the start, he only began receiving orders after on of his art went viral on TikTok. Ah yes, the power of social media.

Hi, Saya jual lukisan di Shopee. Harga serendah RM0.50 sahaja. Jangan lupa support business kecil-kecilan saya. — Adib Afdzal (@afdzal_adib) July 14, 2021

“As of today, almost 200 units have been sold and I’ve garnered over RM100 in sales, all starting from that 50 sen. I was shocked at first and touched that there are those who complimented and appreciated my drawings. I’m also grateful to be able to cheer those who are feeling down because of the Movement Control Order,” Adib said while also adding in that he would take new commissions from 6pm onwards every day.

Adib mentioned that he only uses Photoshop and a mouse to draw the scuffed art. So far, he has uploaded drawings of famous people like Neelofa and Datuk Lee Chong Wei. If you’re interested to support his side hustle, here’s the link to his Shopee store!


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