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Malaysian Airlines Warns Passengers Not To Bring Self-Heating Meals On Flights

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In a recent announcement, Malaysian Airlines warns passengers not to bring an self-heating meals on flights, due to safety concerns. These meals are no longer allowed in checked or cabin baggage by passengers or crew.

What are self-heating meals you ask? They are these packaged meals with the ability to heat food contents without external heat sources or power, using special self-heating packets caused by exothermic reaction once it hydrates. A couple of examples would be self-heating hotpot or bak kut teh meals.

“Self Heating Meals or Ready to Eat Meals include heat packs or self-heating packs such as quick and easy hot pot, rice, and drinks. These packs contain dangerous substances such as magnesium powder, iron powder, self-burning solid carbon or corrosive calcium oxide that release flammable gas on contact with water,” Malaysia Airlines explained.

There must've been a lot of cases where people bring their own self-heating meals on flights for Malaysian Airlines to release this statement. Have you ever brought a self-heating meal onboard?


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