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Malaysian Activist Uncle Kentang Receives Commonwealth Award For Philanthropy Work

Local social activist Kuan Chee Heng, better known as Uncle Kentang, is often featured in the media for helping the needy. And after years of countless good deeds, the 58-year-old is now receiving the Commonwealth Points of Light Award by Queen Elizabeth in recognition of his philanthropy work!

The Commonwealth Points of Light Award is an appreciation of inspirational volunteers across the 53 Commonwealth nations to honour the difference they make in their communities and beyond, and Kuan is only the fourth Malaysian to ever receive this highly prestigious award.

Kuan had shared the wonderful news on his Facebook page last Saturday on May 22. In his post, Kuan talked about how the news was relayed to him in an email and how honoured he is to receive the award.

But even then, Kuan remains selfless and claims the honour should be shared with everyone who has supported him and his team. “It is such a big honour and surprise to be chosen to receive the prestigious award. The award belongs to all of you. I am no wrong to say that the honour belongs to all of you,” Kuan writes.

In a separate post on 23 May, Kuan reveals that he would be receiving the award on 12 June from the British High Commissioner. His achievement was met with praise and congratulatory messages from hundreds of netizens in the comments.


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