• Jonathan Shiek

Malaysia Would Not Be Lowering Voting Age This Year

It was just two weeks ago when we were celebrating Malaysia’s move to lower the voting age sometime this year, but the Election Commission (EC) has announced yesterday that we will not be seeing any changes to implementing Undi18 until 1 September next year, due to delays caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Preparations towards this goal (Undi18) have been ongoing. However the EC is being realistic. With the current pandemic and MCOs, our preparations have been interrupted,” said the EC in a statement.

“As such, the automatic voter registration and Undi18 can only be implemented after 1 September 2022 after taking into account the obstacles we are facing.”

However, the EC also stated that they are launching a system to check pre-registrations automatically through the EC portal from August 2021 for unregistered voters to check and verify their details.

Those who are above 21 and eligible to vote are urged to register to vote at or go to the state electoral offices or post office to register themselves.


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