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Malaysia & Singapore To Mutually Recognise Vaccination Certificates When Borders Reopen


Exciting news! Malaysia and our neighboring country, Singapore finally decided to mutually recognise each other's vaccination certificates when the borders between the two countries reopen. Subsequently, the mutual recognition's implementation would then allow movement between Malaysia and Singapore to resume.

National Recovery Council (NRC) chairman, Muhyiddin Yassin said that the Malaysian government will also be looking into reopening the border with Thailand and other international borders. As of now, travel between Malaysia and Singapore is only allowed for drivers and attendants of lorries and trailers who have been fully vaccinated.

“In all our meetings, we always discuss when we will open our borders to local and foreign tourists. We will look at all the data and science, as well as the opinions of experts from the Health Ministry and the Home Ministry in terms of border security,” he said.

That said, the government has developed an app to verify the authenticity of vaccine certificates which apparently works with verifying certs from Singapore and the EU.


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