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Malaysia’s Sexual Harassment Bill to be Tabled at Next Parliament Session

In light of recent events at Jalan Duta and Penang, where Malaysian policemen were accused of sexually harassing women at roadblocks, Rina Harun, Malaysia’s Women, Family and Community Development (KPWKM) Minister has pushed for the incidents to be investigated immediately by the police and rushed for the Sexual Harassment Bill to be brought to Parliament in the next session.

Rina’s statements were however, faced with criticism by Kasthuri Patto, a Member of Parliament (MP) who called Rina out for her lack of action on the other cases of abuse, sexual harassment involving women and children. Patto added that Rina may as well be an empty uniform as she has not been doing anything despite the increase in domestic abuse and sexual harassment cases nationwide. Patto further stated that the current assistance being offered in the form of the Talian Kasih helpline was inadequate.

In response, Rina confirmed that the Sexual Harassment Bill is expected to be ready this coming March and it is currently at the Attorney General’s Chambers (AGC) awaiting further amendments. She also stated that the bill will directly tackle the issues of sexual harassment head on.

Opposition MPs Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and Hannah Yeoh also urged for the Sexual Harassment Bill to be tabled at Parliament as soon as possible following the incidents that transpired. They also claimed that civil servants require more training and courses on gender sensitivity to ensure such incidents does not happen again.

  1. Actual or attempted rape and or sexual assault

  2. Unwanted pressure for sexual favors

  3. Unwanted deliberate touching of hair clothes or body

  4.  Unwanted sexual looks

  5. Unwanted letters, messages or calls of a sexual nature

  6. Unwanted pressure for dates

  7. Unwanted sexual jokes, teasing ,remarks or questions

  8. Whistling at someone/catcalls/kissing sounds/smacking lips/howling

  9. Turning work discussions to sexual topics

  10. Sexually suggestive signals, gestures or facial expressions

  11. Sexual innuendos or stories

  12. Personal questions about sexual life

  13. Standing close to/leaning over/cornering/brushing up against a person

  14. Rubbing oneself sexually around another person


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