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Malaysia May Soon Replace Thailand And Claim Top Spot For Worst Motorbike Deaths In The World

Credits: The Star

Motorbike accidents have become so common in Malaysia that Bukit Aman's traffic department has revealed that from January to August alone, 70.2% of the fatalities on the road have been motorbike users. In fact, we're may soon overtake Thailand in becoming the number one country with the worst death rates for motorcyclists.

Since 2015, a total of 26,316 bikers and pillion riders have lost their lives in Malaysia, with yearly fatal rate percentages ranging from 62.7% to 67.3%. But the latest data by the police is concerning because that staggering figure was only projected to take place by 2025, said Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (Miros) Road Safety Engineering and Environment Research Centre director Muhammad Marizwan Abdul Manan.

Right now, our neighbouring country is said to be the world's deadliest country for motorcycles, in which two-wheeler and three-wheeler users make up for 74% of the overall estimated 22,491 casualties in Thailand. But if we don't take caution now, it may only be a matter of time before we replace them.

According to Muhammad Marizwan, the Miros research initially predicted that Malaysia may see an 80% death rate for motorbike users in 2030, but looking at the current situation, it may happen by 2025 if we do nothing now. He added that more motorcycle lanes should be added to save lives and reduce traffic conflict between motorcyclists and bigger vehicle users.


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