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Malaysia And Indonesia Ranked Worst Destinations To Live In Post Pandemic

Yes, you read the title right. Malaysia and Indonesia was ranked the worst places to live in post pandemic, when we are able to resume our “normal lives”. Bloomberg just updated its global Covid-19 Resilience Ranking which is a “monthly snapshot of where the virus is being handled the most effectively with the least social and economic disruption”, and well Malaysians aren’t surprised to be ranked one of the lowest in the list.

A lot of factors come into consideration but a new factor, reopening progress, is added to the list. It sees the likelihood of the country being able to resume ‘normal’ life, without strict border restrictions. 53 countries across North and South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and Southeast Asia are included in the rankings. Norway, Switzerland, New Zealand, France, U.S., Austria, Finland, Ireland, Mainland China, and Belgium take the Top 10 spots respectively. Sadly, there aren’t any Southeast Asian countries within the Top 10 list.

Credit: Bloomberg

Singapore came the closest at the number 11 spot, tied up with Belgium in Resilience Score but missing out in other aspects. Meanwhile, Malaysia scores a disappointing score of 42.5, ranking second last at 52. As a fellow Malaysian, I honestly agree that Malaysia needs to buck up in terms of handling the pandemic. However, with our country speeding up the vaccination process, there may still be a chance to improve our ranking in the list.

Unfortunately, Indonesia places last at 53 with 40.2 points. This is due to the country struggling to contain a new wave of Covid-19 infections spurred on by lax adherence to safety measures and lack of vaccines to cover the population.


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