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‘Malays Are The Same’ Racist S’porean Chinese Boss Insults Employee For Applying F

It sucks that we’re living in 2021 yet some people still can’t look past someone else’s race and choose to be hateful towards them because of their ethnicity or skin colour. It sucks even more when you become a victim of racism at work and the person being racist is none other than your boss.

A Singaporean Malay man named Abdul Qayyuum Bin Abdul Rahim recently took to Twitter to share a screenshot of his WhatsApp conversation with his supervisor, who is Singaporean Chinese. In the photo, Qayyuum had sent his supervisor a copy of his medical certificate which required him to take three days of sick leave due to an acute respiratory illness.

This was the text from my Supervisor when i send him a copy of my MC. Racism needs to stop. #SayNoToRacism — yum (@qayywm) July 14, 2021

Instead of expressing care or concern, Qayyuum’s supervisor simply told his employee to formally apply for a sick leave, followed with a message that was written in Chinese. Regardless of what the text is, it was already rude for the supervisor to send a message in a language which knows the recipient wouldn’t understand.

But upon translating the message, Qayyuum was disappointed to discover that it says “Malays are all the same”, a horribly racist and generalised statement about the Malay community that alludes to the stereotype that Malays are “lazy” and eager to skip work.

Qayyuum then shared the disheartening encounter on social media to urge netizens to stop being racist, while using the hashtag #SayNoToRacism. The viral tweet caught the attention of netizens, many of whom were furious at Qayyuum’s racist supervisor, but some also felt sorry for what happened.

“Rude of him to send you a message in Chinese, and the message itself isn’t any better. As a Chinese Singaporean, I’m sorry this happened to you,” replied one Twitter user.

Since the incident went viral on social media, Qayyuum’s company also revealed that they will be investigating the issue personally as the company had a zero-tolerance policy towards racism in the workplace.


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