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Malayan Tigers Are Going To Go Extinct Soon If We Don’t Protect Them Now

Taiping Zoo and Night Safari director Dr Kevin Lazarus has spoken, Malaysia needs to do something soon or we may be seeing the extinction of Malayan tigers in the next 5 to 10 years if no drastic action is taken to address its population decline.

The tiger species is classified as critically endangered animals and is protected under the Wildlife Conservation Act (Act 716). One of the actions that can be taken to prevent the extinction of this endangered species is through breeding conservation and more research on Malayan tigers.

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According to Kevin, the Taiping Zoo has partnered with Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) and zoos to introduce programmes that have Malayan tigers for captive breeding programmes to increase the species population.

As tigers tend to face various threats such as poaching, biodiversity, and loss of food when they are in the forests, Perhilitan has also conducted tiger conservation programmes in the natural environment to help protect these Malayan tigers.

Sadly, it is estimated that there are only less than 200 Malayan tigers left in the wild, according to a survey conducted by the National Tiger Survey in 2016-2020.

But thanks to the successful breeding programmes at Taiping Zoo, an 11-year-old tigress named ‘Baby’ that was born in the zoo in 2009 managed to give birth to three cubs on 12 April last year.

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Yesterday marks the first birthday celebration for the three Malayan tiger cubs, which have been named Puntum (male), Teja and Bayu (both females). This is also the fourth birth of a Malayan tiger at the Taiping Zoo.


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