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Made In Malaysia: Malaysia To Work On Two Covid-19 Vaccines

We’ve only seen vaccines being developed in other countries, constantly waiting for new stock to arrive to vaccinate our own people. But that may soon end, The Star reported that we may soon have Malaysian made Covid-19 vaccines as the Institute for Medical Research (IMR) is currently developing 2 types of vaccines!

Health Minister, Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba said that the vaccines being developed by IMR researchers are the ribonucleic acid vaccine or messenger RNA vaccine (mRNA), and inactivated vaccine types. “The development of Malaysian vaccines is a national aspiration as a result of the National Science Council meeting in August last year. The National Vaccine Development Roadmap is being drafted and is taking into account the country’s capabilities in research, clinical studies and manufacturing,” said Dr Adham.

He also added that, “This is an effort to increase vaccine development capacity for future pandemic preparations.”

The Health Ministry has conducted clinical studies on 15 types of vaccine so far, including Covid-19 vaccines with clinical research launch earlier this year being the first for a Covid-19 vaccine. Malaysian Health Minister also mentioned that there are various negotiations underway for Malaysia to participate in more clinical trials of the Covid-19 vaccine.

What do you think they will name the Malaysian made Covid-19 vaccines?


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