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M’sians Are Slamming Forbes For Encouraging People To Move To A ‘Cheap Island’ Lik

American business magazine Forbes recently published an article titled “Quit Your Job And Move To An Island: 15 Places So Cheap You Might Not Have To Work” where the author Laura Begley Bloom was advising readers to quit their job and move to cheap islands like Penang, where its low cost of living makes it an ideal location for expats.

The Forbes article was originally sourced from a report by International Living, a magazine that focuses on teaching people how to “live better, for less, overseas”. The original article even claims that Penang provides “first-world” lifestyle on an affordable budget for as low as $1,500 (RM6,166) a month.

Since it was published on Forbes, the article has been widely panned by netizens on Twitter for promoting gentrification as the influx of expats would pish up property prices and inevitably lead to the exploitation of locals.

Please stop publishing articles like this. It exploits locals who earn a comparatively low wage to their foreign counterparts, and drives up the cost of living for people who actually live there. — Nicole (@nic_kow) May 2, 2021

There are also users who equate this to colonisation as it potentially exploits natives and push them out of job opportunities.

This is down right offensive. You gotta know @Forbes article like this is the reason why us, locals, in the mentioned places can never have a fair compensation for the work we do. Fuck you big time. — nadya natasha (@nadynatasha) May 3, 2021
Yes please let’s colonize these place ugh it’s so cheap right? Living luxury live in paradise i can buy anything with $€£ moneyyh — Nyimas Laula (@NyimasLaula) May 3, 2021

This is not the first time westerners have been accused of exploiting Southeast Asian countries as just early this year, an American woman was deported from Bali after she published a book that teaches tourists how to avoid Covid-19 travel restrictions and move to the island during the height of the pandemic.


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