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M'sian Man Creates 1,200 Fake Accounts To Cheat Singapore's HPB Rewards Programme Of S$29k

Credits: Hype MY

A 28-year-old Malaysian man in Singapore has been sentenced to 18 months in prison after he was charged for abusing the country's Health Promotion Board (HPB) Rewards Programme by cheating S$29,000 (RM89,247) worth of rewards.

The HPB Rewards Programme was created to encourage Singaporeans to live a healthy lifestyle by rewarding them with loyalty points in exchange for their participation. The points earned can then be used to redeem rewards like supermarket vouchers or credits for public transportation.

The man, Ong Lee Boon, first registered for the programme in 2018 using his Foreign Identification Number (FIN). He quickly discovered how useful the system was, and decided to try registering for a second account using his Singapore Permanent Resident ID number. To his surprise, it worked. And from that point onwards, Ong was on a quest to redeem as many points from the system as possible.

Between September 2018 to April 2019, Ong had created over 1,200 fake accounts under the rewards programme by generating random ID numbers and pairing them with random names that he either made up or took from his company's customer database.

Out of the S$29,000 he cheated, Ong said he sold S$17,230 (RM53,025) worth of vouchers to pay for his sister's renovation-related expenses in Malaysia. Although Ong was arrested for his scams, his lawyer tried to explain that Ong was forced to use the money to settle his family's financial problems.


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