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Lush Is Releasing A 2021 Father’s Day Collection For You To Treat Your Rad Dad

I know Mother’s Day just passed, but Father’s Day is already on its way and Lush is already on the case to prepare you with gifts to treat your dad, grandfather, or any father figures! It’s time to ditch the traditional gifts like wallets and belts, and try giving them something they could use to pamper themselves on their special day!

First of all, what’s Lush without their amazing bath bombs am I right? Time to get cool with invigorating spearmint, tarragon, and sandalwood! Their Dirty bath bomb will help soothe-muscles with mint and soak away his worries. You dad is going to love feeling fresh as a cucumber with Lush’s Rad Dad shower gel, filled with Siberian Pine, Orris oil, and cucumber. The Dirty series doesn’t end there, the Dirty deodorant powder can be popped under the arms to feel clean and crisp after a shower!

If you’re interested in getting a whole set for your father figures, Lush prepared 3 unique sets for you to choose from. The Rocket Man includes the Intergalactic Bath Bomb, Dirty Springwash Shower Gel, and the Dirty Bath Bomb. This gift set will take your dad back to the retro days with its fun and playful packaging!

Your dad is going to appreciate the Rad Dad gift set which includes a Rad Dad Shower Gel, Ocean Salt Face, and Body Scrub. It features products that can both exfoliate the face and body while also freshening the entire body! Last but not least is the Outback Mate Soap Dish Set which is great for anyone wanting to display their Lush soaps in these unique one of a kind soap dishes. The gift set comes with an Outback Mate Soap and a soap dish.

To wrap up your gifts, Lush specially designed 2 cute reusable and eco-friendly fabric gift wraps. You can opt for either the Clown Fish, which was obviously inspired by Finding Nemo when clown fishes are the best dads EVER, or the Dad’s Shirt which is highly inspired by unique dads out there who love cute prints.

The Lush Father’s Day 2021 collection will be available online on 24 and 25 May 2021 at all Lush stores, time to give your dad a break!

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