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Lovisa Slammed On Social Media After Msian Couple Saw Staff Go On All Fours To Clean The Floor

Recently, a Twitter thread went viral for sharing an incident that happened in Lovisa KLCC, because a new staff was allegedly being bullied by the senior staffs. Twitter user Nicholas Gomez and his wife went to the store and noticed the new hire was told to clean the floor on all fours with wet wipes.

She was also cleaning without gloves and had to look up from the floor to answer customer questions. This whole situation raised a lot of eyebrows, as it was seen as demeaning and humiliating. The couple also questioned why they've never seen the regular staffs doing anything of the sort, only the new hire.

The wife told World of Buzz that the new staff was cleaning the entire store on all fours, using only wet tissues while customers were roaming around. The couple even approached senior staff but did not get any response, saying they had "a superficial sweet smile plastered on her face the whole time."

There were some netizens who commented on the Twitter thread, mentioning that they were ex-employees of Lovisa and complained about the company.

What do you think about this? Is this another case of work place bullying?


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