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Looking For a Sweet Date Spot on a Budget This Weekend?

We have all been there before… you want to take your significant other out on a date but the usual obstacle ‘gaji belum masuk’ stands in the way of you and your partner having a romantic evening together.

Well I feel your pain which is why I present to you 5 of the best date spots you can take your date for absolutely free!

1. TAPAK Urban Street Dining

Credits: Says

If you are looking for something a little festive, Tapak Urban Street Dining is the spot for you! They feature a myriad of food trucks that will be sure to tempt you as you walk past each one and don’t even get me started on the ambience of the entire place. It feels and looks super cozy. Here’s the best bit, admission is completely free… though, you will have to pay for the food if you’re inclined to grab a bite.

2. National Art Gallery

Credits: Says

If you and your date are into ‘artsy fartsy’ stuff, The National Art Gallery is where you want to be! With all sorts of local art on display, you and your date will be left in a daze trying to absorb all of it in.

If you want to pull a sneaky little trick over your date, here’s a tip. You can always head to the gallery, a day or two in advance and get the curator to teach you as much as possible about the art pieces they have on display. On the day of the date itself, you can act like an expert on art and totally impress your date!

3. Saloma Link Bridge

Credits: Biz+Leisure

Although in terms of activities-wise the Saloma Link Bridge has little to offer. Then again, not many people come to the bridge for anything else other than to behold this beauty of a bridge in all of its glory.

Word of advice though, try your best to be there around 4:45pm – 5pm to witness the lights actually come on. So grab your partner by their hand and walk them down this spectacle of a bridge. Who knows? You might even share your first kiss there (tee-hee).

4. Elmina Rainbow Bridge/ Elmina Valley Park

Credits: heartpatrick (blog)

This is by far the most Instagrammable spot on this list. So if you and your date are looking for some A+ Instagram content to share, this is where you need to be.

The Elmina Rainbow Bridge/Elmina Valley Park’s atmosphere is bound to set of a little spark between you and your date and who knows? You might be telling your kids one day that the Elmina Rainbow Bridge/Elmina Valley Park was where you fell in love with their mother.

5. Selangor-Japan Friendship Garden

Credits: Remaja

For a trip to Japan on a budget, you and your date will not find a better place than Selangor-Japan Friendship Garden!

The park features a Zen Garden, Maze Pond, and Torii Gateway along with a  Tsubaki. If you and your date are in the mood for lush greenery accompanied by natural wood and stone built to mirror Japan, need I say more?

Let us know which of these 5 parks you will take your date to and while you’re at it, let us know how your date went!


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