• Jonathan Shiek

Lonely Cat Getting Teary-Eyed On Surveillance Camera Goes Viral

Everyone loves a cute animal video, so we’re sharing one that went viral on Chinese social media platform, DouYin. This cute 2 year old British Shorthair named Fufu was seen tearing up in the viral video when its owner, Miss Meng called out for its name through a surveillance camera that she installed in her home.

Miss Meng left for her hometown to celebrate Lunar New Year with her parents, but decided not to bring Fufu along because she feared that it would be distressed in a foreign place. She left her cat home alone with sufficient food and water, but what Fufu needed was company and love.

On 8 February, Miss Meng decided to check up on Fufu through the surveillance camera but when she started to talk to her cat, she noticed that Fufu was teary eyed while yowling. She then posted the video on DouYin and it went viral!

The cat owner cut her trip short to check on Fufu and was greeted enthusiastically by her cat when she got home. While MSOCA mentioned that cats crying may be signs of an underlying medical condition, they also added that felines can cry if they are feeling lonely, stressed, or needs attention. Aww! Isn’t this the most wholesome and heartwarming video circulating around right now?


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