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Logan Paul Claims He Is Done With The Hollywood Lifestyle

25-year old YouTuber, Logan Paul hinted in his Notes App that he is done with the “Hollywood socialite” lifestyle. The “statement” sounded pretty poem-like and pretentious honestly, so here is the entire note he typed out:

“As I sit, observing the horde of inebriated young Hollywood socialites driven by temptation and bad intentions, I take pleasure in knowing that, while a part of me flourishes in such an environment, my personal aspirations will not often lead me to such crassness. The privilege of youth, the absence of responsibility, the free-spirited nature of song and dance… all fleeting. I feel it. The venom of adulthood slowly sinks its way into my veins, and with it, comes new passions and new habits. I do enjoy it. But I cannot deny the inevitable ending of an era.”

People are interpreting it as “People grow up.” What do you think he actually meant in his statement?

In other news, Logan Paul announced that he may want to shift to Puerto Rico for the lower taxes and lower cost of living there, distancing himself from the “Hollywood socialite” lifestyle. Native Puerto Ricans are not happy with his plans to move over to Puerto Rico, as they are worried that more white and wealthy influencers may follow his footsteps to gentrify the territory and forcing native populations out.

My nightmare becoming a horrible reality. Logan Paul moving to Puerto Rico is causing a wave of white influencers to move to Puerto Rico as well. — They call me Bob (@BobCordoves) February 25, 2021
@LoganPaul moving to Puerto Rico to duck taxes and 'enrich' the island is peak white people moves. Come into a place like you doing them brown people a favor and buy up property to make your own exclusive community that PAYS NOTHING TO THE LOCAL ECONOMY. — President Quasar @ Planet Rockatansky (@ChicFilAtheist) March 1, 2021

It is still unclear when he will be making the move from Los Angeles, but he has already been posting photos of Puerto Rico on his Instagram.


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