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Local Voice Actress Becomes The First Malaysian To Dub Characters From A Major Funimation Anime

A local voice actress, Chan Su Ling will be the first Malaysian to dub several characters from a major Funimation anime called "Kageki Shojo!!". Chan mentioned that she is the first Malaysian to voice act in an American dub.

According to a tweet by Chan, she will be voice acting as Akiya's mother in the anime series, while reported that she will also be voicing as various students in the shoujo anime. The Japanese anime follows Sarasa Watanabe, who is a student at an all-female Kouka School or Musical and Theatrical Arts. The main character aspires to become a top 'otokoyaku' performer, which is an actress who plays traditionally male roles.

Little did you know, Chan actually has 19 voice acting credits to her name on IMDb. She was mostly known for voicing Mayday from hit 3D action music-laced game, "No Straight Roads" and several characters in "BoBoiBoy". That's not all, she also did Malay dub for hit Japanese anime series like "Cardcaptor Sakura" and "Chibi Maruko-Chan"!

Besides voice acting for shows and series, Chan also worked on various commercials for brands like Maxis, Nippon Paint, Digi, Maybelline, Kotex, Samsung, KFC, AIA, Dutch Lady, Suria KLCC, IKEA, and many more.

Here is the rest of her animation and video game reel:


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