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Local TikToker Turns Gardenia, Indomie, And Other Used Packaging Into New Umbrella Design

Malaysians never cease to amaze us with their talent and creativity. This time, it’s local TikToker Ken Cheng who impresses netizens with his clever idea to upcycle plastic food wrappers into a perfectly functional and one-of-a-kind umbrella.

In his TikTok video, Ken revealed that most of these used packaging, which many people considered to be trash, can actually be converted into something useful and beautiful if given the chance. By cutting the plastic wrappers and taping them together, Ken was able to patch them onto an old umbrella to give it a new look.


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Despite it being a DIY project, Ken’s upcycled design looked every bit amazing up close. What’s worth mentioning is that most of the plastic wrappers Ken used were actually made of #4 low density polyethylene (LDPE) material, which are reusable, but not always recyclable. By upcycling these materials, Ken was able to prevent more waste, and also breathe new life into used products!

This isn’t the first time Ken is showing off his upcycling ideas. In fact, he’s got a whole segment on TikTok where he shows off some of his other creative inventions like turning old clothes and fabrics into various tote bag and sling bag designs.

If you’re interested to follow Ken and his upcycling adventures, check him out on TikTok (@ovolokakaw)!


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