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Local Senior Designer Offers RM1 Online Classes To Help Students With Coursework

We’ve established how difficult online learning is during a pandemic, especially if you’re a design student who desperately needs inspiration but are now confined to the four walls of your bedroom. So if you’re a design student who could use some help with your coursework right now, this Malaysian senior designer is providing online guided classes that only cost RM1!

Zainal Abidin Abdul Rahman is a 72-year-old former design lecturer at the LimKokWing University of Creative Technology. With his industry background, Zainal understands how crucial it is for design students to have physical lessons with teachers who are able to gauge their progress and provide immediate feedback.

“But with the pandemic, everything has shifted online and I’ve noticed some students are just so uninterested in producing their work to the best of their abilities,” said Zainal. Which is why he aims to reach out to students across diploma to PhD level, to help them with their coursework and thesis.

More importantly, the senior designer hopes to connect students with the right industry leaders to help them grow as future designers. “I’ve had over 40 years of experience in design and just imagine if the people I’ve worked with can also help university students with their projects, how successful can that collaboration be?”

Offering RM1 classes is just a way for Zainal to share his skills, experience and knowledge to the younger people without expecting any profit in return. Thanks to his initiative, up to 45 students have shown interest in his classes, in which eight of them including a few masters students have already had online sessions with him.

Apart from students, Zainal was also approached online by a school teacher and a florist who hoped to engage his help in generating ideas for creative floral designs! Hats off to Mr Zainal!


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