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Local Restaurant Sells Nasi Kerajaan Gagal And You Can Order It On The GrabFood App

With the new #BenderaHitam and #Lawan campaigns being the talk of social media these days, it has sparked a lot of anger within netizens towards the current Malaysian government. And, with great anger comes great creativity. This local restaurant in Taman Melati gotten a lot of attention due to its unique food name on its menu, Nasi Kerajaan Gagal by Kambing Bakar Lala Lamb.

Credit: Twitter

Just like its name suggests, the restaurant is clearly upset at the current government. The meal was originally priced at RM18 on the GrabFood app, but in selected outlets, you’ll be able to get a 12% discount for this meal from 9 July to 6 September! On the GrabFood app, the description of the dish says, “Rice made by the people who followed the SOP, (inspired) by a failed government, this set comes with a whole chicken leg, extra rice, extra homemade sambal, and extra black pepper sauce.”

That said, the restaurant also serves dished like Ayam Sultan, Nasi Ayam Lala, and Nasi Kambing Bakar Premium Australian Lamb Shoulder. I guess the Nasi Kerajaan Gagal is an angry dish made for angry and hungry people.


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