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Local Rapper Caprice Sets Up Fund To Raise RM50k For Burger Seller’s Fine

By now, you probably already know about the unfortunate story where a burger seller was fined RM50,000 for running a burger stand outside his house in Kelantan. Naturally, netizens feel sorry for Wan Mohd Faisal and many have expressed concerns of how he’ll be able to pay for the fine without any income from his business. But thanks to local hip-hop singer Caprice, Faisal may be able to pay off his fine after all.

Caprice, whose real name is Ariz Ramli, said he has reached out to Faisal to express his interest in setting up a fundraiser to help raise money for the RM50,000 fine that was issued by the Kelantan police last Sunday.

The rapper, who’s also an author and motivational speaker, then took to Instagram to share the news about the fundraiser while urging the public to help out if they can.

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Needless to say, Caprice’s efforts to help the less fortunate were celebrated among netizens, most of whom were keen to contribute to the fundraiser. Hopefully, with the people’s combined efforts, we would be able to help Faisal in reducing his financial burden and get his business back on track. #kitajagakita


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