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Local Preacher Suggests That Eating Triangle-Shaped Nasi Lemak Links To The Illuminati

As a Malaysian, nasi lemak is one of our staple meals, especially those wrapped in banana leaf packets called "nasi lemak bungkus". However, a local preacher recently urged the public not to eat nasi lemak that are wrapped into triangles as they are apparently linked to the Illuminati.

The Hiburan Netizen Facebook page shared a screenshot of Ustad Harun Jalil's posts, warning citizens against eating triangle-packet nasi lemak. “Whose idea was it to make triangle-shaped nasi lemaks? Think about it”, the local preacher wrote.

He also continued to claim that it is a Jewish conspiracy to damage the faith of the people. “The nasi lemak package is a symbol of the illuminati. It is a Jewish conspiracy to damage the faith of those boycotting them.”

Because of how ridiculous it sounds, netizens decided to retaliate in the comment section: “This way of packing nasi lemak has been around for centuries, our staple rice dish is not a recipe from the West. Don’t be short-sighted. Our belief remains in Yang Maha Esa.”

Leave our nasi lemak bungkus alone, let the people enjoy their favourite food! What do you think of his warning?


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