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Local Influencer Zoeypky Had A Brief Cameo In Netflix's 'Sex Education' Season 3

Not sure about you, but it seems like all everyone has been talking about lately is season three of 'Sex Education'. If you're a fan who has finished binge watching the Netflix drama, this is the time to test your memory and see if you managed to spot a familiar Malaysian face in the show!

In case you didn't know, local influencer Zoey Phoon Kar Yan, better known as Zoeypky on social media, was actually casted as an extra in episode five of the series. Although it was a very brief cameo, some viewers still managed to catch the influencer in a scene and even posted it on social media.

Zoey, who currently resides in the UK, was spotted in the opening scene of the episode, wearing a red jacket as she walks past Viv, a recurring character in the show. Did you manage to spot the cameo?


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