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Local Gift Ideas To Help Kickstart Your Christmas Gift Shopping For Your Loved Ones

Christmas is right around the corner, and you won't want to leave gift shopping till the last minute! Here are a couple of gift ideas from local stores that you could support while gifting your loved ones:

Dao Desserts

A couple of days ago, Dao Desserts, a local soy desserts store released on its Instagram a special Christmas gift bundle in collaboration with other local brands like Sugar And I (@sugarandi), Handlavet (handlavet18), Cookissandhug (@cookissandhug), and Salang Design (@salangdesign). In the gift box, you can expect soy creme puffs, a soy candle, Dao Christmas-themed cookies, a pair of Dao embroidery socks, and Dao gift cards! What a treat!


If you're looking to support local hand crafted stores, you should definitely check out Metier's hand crafted goods! Made from scratch by local Instagram user Nalia, she crafts pendants, polymer clay earrings, studded earrings, resin keychains, and more. For Christmas, she curated exclusive sets of festive earrings that are limited in stock. If you'd like, you can even get some of the items customised!

Oh Cha Matcha

When in doubt, get matcha for your friends and loved ones! Oh Cha Matcha curated 5 different gift boxes for you to pick from, including Chocolate Gift Box, Gingerbread House DIY Kit, Matcharista Kit, Matcha Tea Ceremony Essentials, and Christmas Afternoon Tea Box! You can get them on their official website at!

Just Better Company

Local sustainable brand, Just Better Company uses bamboo as their key material for their products. They even sourced out sustainable materials for their packaging to minimise environmental impact and ecological footprint! What better way to celebrate Christmas than supporting a good cause while putting a smile on someone's face. This Christmas, Just Better Company put together 2 boxes, A Better Package and A Bigger, Better Package for you to gift your loved ones! They include the local brand's eco-conscious bamboo coal socks and a candle!

Claire Organics

Claire Organics pride themselves by using high-quality natural ingredients such as essential oils, shea butter, olive oil, oatmeal, or goat milk for all their products. What better way to express your feelings for your loved ones with Claire's Christmas gift boxes! From handcrafted soap bars, soother balms, candles, essential oils, and hand sanitisers! The perfect self-care box!

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