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Local Fashion Brand Releases ‘Raya And The Last Dragon’ Modestwear Collection

Disney recently released ‘Raya And The Last Dragon’ and everyone’s talking about it. The movie celebrates Southeast Asian culture and was written by two Southeast Asians, one of whom is Malaysian screenwriter Adele Lim who previously worked on the critically acclaimed Crazy Rich Asians – Talk about Malaysian pride!

But on top of that, there’s another thing worth celebrating and that’s Disney’s collaboration with local fashion brand, Calaqisya to release a ‘Raya And The Last Dragon’ themed modestwear collection!

The collection features detailed thematic motifs from the movie whereas the prints are said to symbolise Southeast Asian identity, culture and heritage.

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Fans will love the printed kaftan that comes in five different designs of the scenery backdrops in the movie. There are also four printed headscarves to choose from in the collection, as well as scrunchies that come with a Calaqisya x Disney customised pouch.

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Calaqisya was actually started by 3 sisters, Yana, Farah, and Azrina back in 2010. The Malaysian modestwear brand has come a long way since the beginning of its journey in a small room within Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Johor, it now has over 600,000 followers on Instagram and 3 boutique outlets across Malaysia.

And after landing its first fashion collaboration with Disney, there’s no telling what Calaqisya can go on to achieve, but one thing for sure, it’s going to be amazing!


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