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Local Experts Warn Malaysians To Expect More Natural Disasters In The Near Future

Credit: Malay Mail

After the terrible disaster from continuous rain across the country, people are being more aware of the weather and natural disasters that may hit Malaysia in the future. Unfortunately, local natural disasters and weather experts are warning people to brace themselves as these natural disasters will occur more frequently in the coming years.

Datuk Dr. Abd. Latiff Ahmad from the Prime Minister's Department shared that he held an engagement session with a group of local experts to discuss about this matter. “We are unlikely to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere from natural disasters in the future. If in the past, natural disasters may have happened once in a while, but now they are more frequent and also hit areas that were not likely to be effected,” he said.

Heads up, they mentioned that these natural disasters were predicted to effect areas that are considered unexpected like Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan which is thought to be a dry district. Necessary improvements, feedbacks, and suggestions from experts were submitted to the cabinet for reviewing.

Hopefully the government could help prepare the country for future disasters with these solutions.


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