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Local Celebrities Expose What Their Friends Gained From Being ‘Sugar Babies’

In light of recent events concerning a particular application and the controversy that sparked from it, Bunga Isme and Farisha Irish came up and addressed the topic head on.

According to them, the whole ‘Sugar Daddy’/’Sugar Baby’ thing has been going on for ages. Growing up, they even knew some people who were ‘Sugar Babies’. They went on to explain how some of their acquaintances during their teen years were facing tremendous hardships and they were left with very few options. Rather than sit quietly and wallow in self-pity, they decided to take their fate into their own hands. Therefore they decided to take a ‘shortcut’ out of their financial issues by disregarding their pride.

Bunga recounts an incident with one of her friends back when they were 17. It turns out that Bunga’s friend was a victim of her family splitting up and she was neglected throughout the process. With no choice left,she decided to rely on a ‘Sugar Daddy’ to continue schooling. “She told me, when we were sitting for the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM), that she knew a ‘sugar daddy’ who promised her all kinds of things,” Bunga recalled. “She said, just by letting him hold her private part, she could get at least RM500 easily. Imagine if she did things that were more daring.”

Bunga added that the friend’s mother knew about her ‘nightly activities’  but did nothing to cull such behavior or advice her. As it turns out Bunga’s friend herself admitted her endeavors to her mother but was brushed off. “It certainly seems that something is fundamentally wrong with our society” said Bunga.

Credits: The Star

Farisha Irish then went on to disclose that she had a friend in University who became a ‘Sugar Baby’ for the sake of obtaining a luxurious lifestyle without having to lift a finger. Farisha went on to say “Among my friends, there were those who became sugar babies because they needed money. They didn’t show off their wealth but people knew they were involved in the business because they were able to rent a house, unlike the other students who lived on campus,

She also expressed her displeasure with her friends choice to became a ‘Sugar Baby’. “As a student who seeks knowledge, find other, better ways to earn income,” said Farisha.


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