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Local Bakery Receives Racist Questions And Comes Back With “We Would Be Happy To Lose You As A

The past weekend, a local bakery called Thirty One Fine Bakes was a victim of another racist case. The Instagram bakery from PJ shared their encounter with a racist customer on social media, and boy it was cringe-worthy!

The initial red flag was when the customer asked “Your company owner is what race?”. Thankfully, the bakery maintained a calm demeanor and responded with “We are a multiracial company. But may I please know the reason for this question?”, which was pretty reasonable and calm.

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The conversation went sour when the customer replied with, “I don’t like to buy anything from Indian. That’s why I want to know if got any Indian in your company tell me.”, which was straight up racist and rude! The bakery was not having any of that, they snapped back at the racist customer with “Racism and discrimination are deep-rooted diseases of this country, and we work to ensure there is no space for that in this company and to call it out when we see it. This company is a space for individuals to grow personally and professionally, without and prejudice. Because of your disgusting remarks, we are not sorry that we would be happy to lose you as a customer. All the best.” Go off!

Thirty One Fine Bakes’ owner revealed to The Star that this isn’t the first time encountering racist customers. She also added, “It was very upsetting to be asked such a question. There were some who question the need to give attention by posting it. But I felt it is necessary. If we don’t speak out against it, we are encouraging such behaviour.” Well said, we truly feel like there is no need for more racism and hate in this country as everyone is already suffering from this pandemic, we don’t need to tolerate such behaviour.

What did you think about this whole encounter?


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