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Lionel Messi Releases ‘Messiverse’ NFT Art Collection

Credits: Marketing Interactive

Since Lionel Messi announced his decision to join Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) weeks ago, the Argentinian footballer has got a new trick up his sleeves - a brand new NFT collection titled “Messiverse”.

Designed by Australia-based digital designer BossLogic, who is known for his work with Marvel and Disney, the collection of NFTs feature artworks that portray Messi as a king, superhero, and Greek titan to celebrate his career accomplishments.

Among the names announced for each NFT piece include "Worth the Weight", “The Golden One” and "The King Piece", all of which are a celebration of Messi’s career highlights and legacy.

In particular, the NFT known as "Man From Tomorrow" and "Man Of The Past" features the footballer in his new number 30 jersey at PSG as well as his iconic number 10 jersey at his previous club Barcelona and the Argentina national football team.

Speaking on his new NFT collection, Messi simply said "Art is like football. Eternal.” The Messiverse collection is available for purchase on the Ethernity Chain platform. Would any of you diehard Messi fans ever own one of his NFTs?


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