• Jonathan Shiek

Lil Uzi Implanted A $24 Million Pink Diamond Into His Forehead

Famous rapper, Lil Uzi surprised his fans with a recent post on Instagram of a new forehead piercing of a $24 million pink diamond. I guess he wants to be casted as the next Vision in Marvel? People on social media are making memes comparing him to Vision and also Sailor Moon.

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@LILUZIVERT when he pop out with that diamond in his head😂😂 — 90sMade🎙📸🧸 (@__TayCaldwell) January 31, 2021
Use to watch sailor moon,but I still felt like a goon. — KendreLamar (@blackvalvenus) February 4, 2021

The stone was acquired from jewelry designer, Elliot Eliantte. Lil Uzi was apparently paying it off since 2017! He even updated his Twitter with a photo of blood dripping down his forehead captioned “If I don’t get it took out the right way, I Could die… No, seriously.” But the tweet was since deleted off his account for unknown reasons.

Ok we good — Uzi London 🌎☄️💕® (@LILUZIVERT) February 4, 2021

What do you think about this crazy new body-modification?


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